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JYMG Productions, has been initially created to launch an ambitious project : "La Presión", album from two French compositors, Toni Bolanos and Jean-Yves Moreno, recorded in the USA, in Colombia and in France under the direction of the "Maestro" Alberto Barros.
At the same time, JYMG Productions takes part in the production of the disc of Alberto Barros himself, "Alberto Barros y sus Titanez de la Salsa", a major Colombian formation since 1982, well-known by the salseros under the name of "los Titanes".
These productions having been well received by critic and by the public, JYMG Productions decides to launch its own discs importation & distribution activity, willing to help other independants artists, from anywhere, to make their work known.
Therefore the company starts to work with USA based artists like Alberto Barros and Verny Varela, Swiss based artists like Orquesta Gali, and Colombia based artists like Orquesta Antifaz.
JYMG Productions has been focusing on this activity since the beginning of 2008, presenting high quality productions for a public of music specialists.
Music is a matter of passion, and it is as music fanatics that the JYMG Productions' representatives search for the best in music.
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